Choosing your Campervan converters

If you’re a campervan owner or are thinking of buying a camper, don’t overlook the possibility to personalise it. Some people like to challenge themselves by converting them independently, however, if not done properly this can create future problems, such as damp and breakages.

Transform your dream of owning a campervan into a reality by supplying campervan converters with a brief of your choice. Campervan converters can add design features to distinguish your camper from others, to suit your style and practical needs. At Sussex Campervans my team will craft furniture and upholstery by hand to create fantastic modern luxurious conversions.

We often source secondhand vans to convert, that have been kept in brand new condition - we like to call them “brand new, secondhand campers”. They are less expensive to buy than brand new ones and are more reliable and cheaper to maintain than an old, secondhand vans. 

Campervan converters should source new or nearly new vans on your behalf, then work closely with you throughout the project to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the design and layout of your camper. At Sussex Campervans you are guaranteed a personalised outcome, and facilities to suit your lifestyle.

Previous customers have been delighted with the standards of our materials and fittings and have described our service as “extremely professional, friendly and personal”.

Understanding the importance of keeping your family safe on holiday is vital when converting a campervan. You must ensure that your camper is built by registered and insured campervan converters. All electrical work to comply with BS7671: 17th Edition wiring regulations and gas installations to GasSafe regulations. At Sussex Campervans, we take pride in providing you and your family with a luxurious and safe living environment.

One thing that we feel is just as important as safety is comfort. Good campervan converters will maintain all functionality, while providing the luxury of home comforts. Seats and seatbelts should not only be fitted for safety but also to prevent the aches and pains caused by long journeys. Having comfortable furniture will make rainy day activities inside your camper more of a joy!

Beds and other furniture such as kitchen cupboards should be fitted to warrant a spacious living area. This will optimise comfort and allow you to carry out every day activities such as eating around the dinner table with your family.

Once your campervan is ready, it's good to know that you have a good after-care service and a comprehensive warranty in place. This will give you peace of mind when you’re out and about with the family. At Sussex Campervans our team of campervan converters will give you superior after-care. It starts right from the handover, when we'll explain all your new gadgets and facilities, so you can take ownership of your lovely new campervan and get on the road straight away!

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