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I love my hobby

Campervans make the perfect base for hobbies, from walking to treasure-hunting

Meet Michael

Amateur treasure hunter Michael found a 1000-year-old Anglo-Saxon penny during one trip in his campervan

I’m a keen treasure hunter and landscape photographer, and my campervan enables me to spend more time enjoying the hobbies I love. I’m out metal-detecting every weekend and often go to rallies and club events. It’s a fun hobby – you never know what you’re going to turn up next! When the detector buzzes, there’s iron, copper or silver under the soil, so I have to decide whether to dig.

Once I found a Bronze Age artefact from 1500-2000 BC. I’ve also found sheep bells and cow bells and a 14th-century beehive thimble. I’ve found 2000-year-old Roman coins and coins with the heads of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles II.

I found an Anglo-Saxon penny with Edward The Confessor’s head, from 1056. It was made by Africk, one of the last Anglo Saxon moneyers before the Norman conquest. He lived in Lydford, Devon, so I’ll visit there next.

I invested in a campervan because it suits my hobbies and my retired single lifestyle. The Nissan NV200 campervan is economical and easy to drive, so I use it instead of a car. My campervan makes life so much easier – I can travel further, as I have somewhere to sleep. And if I’m out for the day, I have somewhere to relax with a hot cup of tea. It’s great to sit around a proper table chatting with friends! I’d highly recommend it.

Meet Steve and Birgit

Steve and Birgit’s NV200 Campercar helps them climb more mountains

I’ve camped all my life. Once I sold my house, bought a van, and spent two years climbing mountains! Spending a lot of money on the wrong van wasn’t an option for us – so after much research and two visits to the NEC’s Motorhome and Caravan Shows, we decided the Nissan NV200 Campercar from Sussex Campervans was the one for us !

I use our NV200 daily, as well as for weekends and holidays. It’s a great vehicle to drive in town and at speed on the motorway, but also on steep, narrow single-track mountain roads, where it tucks into passing places with ease.

The campervan makes an ideal base camp. I’ve climbed all the mountains over 3000 ft in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, everything over 2000 ft in England and Wales, and run mountain marathons. We’re now climbing the highest hill in each of the 91 historic counties of Great Britain – from Cornwall and Kent to Orkney and Shetland – just for the pleasure of touring in our NV200 Campercar.

Our campervan sets us free; like a tortoise we have all we need on board; including a comfy bed. We have a lot of climbing gear – and it all fits in the van! From ropes to crampons, skis, and survival gear, everything has its place.

The camper is well insulated and kept us alive when the temperature plummeted to -17ºC. We keep the pop-top down during the worst storms, but there’s still room to eat, drink, read, relax and watch iPlayer! I get envious looks from soggy tent campers and compliments from van people, who are amazed at the Sussex-built van’s good looks, equipment and performance. Our Nissan NV200 Campercar was a good choice – and is now part of our way of life.

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