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I love the great outdoors

I get a good rest in the camper, ready for sun, surf, biking and mountain challenges

Meet Jeremy and family

Jeremy, his wife, their teenage son and their dog go windsurfing in style and comfort, thanks to their campervan

We love the great outdoors. We used to camp, but got fed up with cold, wet tents. We like to be spontaneous, so we swapped our car for a campervan. Now we go away in it almost every weekend and it’s such a big part of our life that we’ve named it ‘Laurence’. I wouldn’t buy a car again – the camper is easier to drive, thanks to its big wing mirrors and lofty view of the road. It’s compact and easy to park.

Our campervan suits our lifestyle perfectly. We love hiking, mountain biking and windsurfing, so we just chuck the kit in the back or on the roof rack and head off. We’re free – we don’t need a plan and the van is cosy, come rain or shine. For longer holidays we pop up our awning. Simple.

Owning a campervan has made our family stronger. Our son is 15, but still finds camping with us an exciting adventure. I’m grateful for this; many teenagers just want to do their own thing, so we’re really happy that he still wants to come away with us. The campervan enables us to do things together.

If you visit Scotland and the Isle of Mull in a campervan, you can just plan the first two nights, then follow your nose. We love that freedom and flexibility. Buying a campervan was a brilliant investment. I wish we’d done it sooner, but we’re certainly making up for lost time now!

Meet Mel

Mel and her partner have a Manhattan SWB called Buttercup. They’re currently ‘living the dream’ in France

We’ve got a second-hand-new-campervan. It has 2010 plates and we took delivery July 2015. We’ve recently rented a cottage in the south of France to use as our base. We now spend a lot of time in France – it was our dream.

We’ve found that ‘Buttercup’ is the perfect everyday vehicle as well as our ticket to explore more of this beautiful country. We go out all the time in the camper, from a few days wild camping to weeks of exploring. We intend to do loads more during the summer in France and around Europe.

We’re both very active and love having the camper because it gives us so much freedom. We prefer to just have the top up so we can stand up and cook on the stove. Then the seats fold down to a large double bed – it’s very cosy especially after years of camping in a tent in Wales!

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