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At Sussex Campervans we pride ourselves on being able to know the motorised sector of the camping industry inside out. The industry is always changing and it's for that very reason we continuously strive to help answer as many of our clients questions as possible, it helps to keep us on our toes and constantly learning! 

In order to ensure that we can help as best we can, we have formed an elite team of camper van veterans and experts all ready to help answer your questions.

Below you can meet some of our team and find out what exactly supports their claims to be leading experts in the travel industry. Feel free to read some of their previously answered questions or check out our FAQ's section to make sure that your question hasn't already been answered.


Meet The Team

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Daniel Lopez

Managing Director

Hi I'm Daniel! I'm the founder of Sussex Campervans, you may recognise me from some of the videos around the website. As a campervan enthusiast, I love providing our customers with all the latest design trends.

Need a question answering about anything to do with campervan design? Ask Daniel


Jon Murphy

Equipment and Layout Specialist

Jon is one of the longest serving members of the team at Sussex Campervans. He has been serving as a sales and relationships manager since 2013 and in that time has consistently helped our clients to get the most out of their campervans.

Need a question answering about anything to do with campervan equipment? Ask Jon


Paul Johnson

Client Team Manager

Paul is our finance expert with over 15 years’ experience in customer care. Not many people can match Pauls unique ability to source high quality products and services at affordable prices.

Need a question answering about anything to do with campervan costs and finances? Ask Paul.



Rebekah Lopez

Rebekah Lopez

Co-Founder and Family Campervanning Expert

A Co-Founder at Sussex Campervans, Rebekah has played a major role in Sussex Campervans journey to becoming a trusted brand and one of the UK’s camping industry leaders. An authentic campervan veteran, Rebekah regularly battles all of the elements with her family to help test and perfect campervans for our clients.

Need a question answering about van equipment or design? Ask Rebekah.


Colin Puddicombe

Technical Expert

Colin is an invaluable and friendly member of the team, he fixes all of our technical and mechanical problems as quickly as we can bring them to him. Van engine’s to lpg tanks, sliding doors and pop-top roofs, Colin knows the campervan blueprints inside out.

Need a question answering about anything technical or mechanical? Ask Colin.

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

Journalist and Travel Expert

A travel expert and a passionate writer with a creative spark, Kate has specialised in writing about campervans since 2008. Kate has worked for magazines such as Motor Caravan, Caravan, Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome. Kate loves chatting to our clients and hearing all about their exciting hobbies and various travels.

Need a question answering about traveling in a campervan? Ask Kate.

The Perfect Match

I constantly work to improve and enhance what we do, so that we can provide a tailor-made campervan that’s ideal for you. We will take the time to find out about you, the adventures you are planning and how you will use your campervan, so we can create a perfect match.

You may find a stock vehicle that suits you, or you might choose one of our layouts and ask us to customise the upholstery, furniture and accessories to build your bespoke campervan. Either way, my team and I will work with you to get everything right, down to the last detail. When you’re happy, let’s do the paperwork. To secure your order we’ll ask for half the final price as a booking fee. This enables us to buy the base van for you and reserve the workshop time needed for the conversion. From that moment on, we can swing into action and manage the whole process in-house. 


Experts in our field

Take a tour of our workshops and meet our expert upholsterers who make beautiful seating in wonderful colours and finishes to suit your taste. Say hello to our talented cabinetmakers who hand-craft our furniture in strong, sleek finishes. Meet our bodyshop manager and integration workshop manager, who will convert the panel van into your beautiful well insulated pop-top campervan. Take a look at our unique bed systems, which are fully approved and guaranteed to give you a great night’s sleep.

after-care service

When we’ve built your campervan, we’ll ask for the balance a couple of days before you collect it. On the day you come to collect your van, we’ll be as excited as you are! Our thorough handover will ensure you know exactly how everything works, from putting up the pop-top roof, to converting the seats to a bed and putting the kettle on. You will leave our workshops full of confidence.

When you join the family of owners of Sussex Campervans we will be just a phone call away and happy to give you advice.

We offer:

  • A helpline
  • 12-month warranty on the vehicle (if not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • 36-month conversion warranty on everything we have built
  • Annual habitation servicing
  • MoT and vehicle servicing
  • Repairs
  • Courtesy car loan during servicing

We would be delighted to show you more about the wonderful world of campervans at our workshop. Please ring 01403 336 369 or email for a chat or to book an appointment - and start planning your very own adventures!

Daniel Lopez, MD of Sussex Campervans