Campervan Design

Designing Your Campervan

We aren’t like other campervan companies. At Sussex Campervans we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide our clients with a luxury product, the likes of which cannot be found available elsewhere. How can we make such a bold statement?

The reason is simply because we have spent years developing our craft so that our campervans can be made bespoke to our customers’ wants and needs. So how much of a campervan can you actually customise? Actually, quite a lot. Simply click on one of the categories below to find out what we offer and how our years of experience can be used to benefit you.

Frequently asked design questions

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While we don’t convert vans you may already own, we can offer you something better. Take a look at the following article that explores Converting Your Van.

If you are not an existing Sussex Campervans Client, unfortunately we cannot customise your van. This also includes partial conversion work and providing parts for van conversions.

If you do have one of our Sussex Campervans, we can offer you a range of customisation and accessory add-ons.

If you want your van built to order, customisation does take time as we need to do all the design and build work. The more customisations you have, the more time we will need to order in specific parts. 

While many of our vans can be provided to you within a much shorter amount of time, having a van tailored to your specifications can in some cases take around 12-16 weeks.

All orders and lead times are subject to vehicle supply.

Yes! All our vans come with the option to have isofix installed. 

We fit them to all our rock n roll beds and take special consideration if your campervan is going to be accommodating children.

All campervans have a cupboard which fits a Porta-Potti and our Paradise Deluxe model has a fixed cassette toilet. We do not currently have a model which has a fixed shower, however we find that most owners do not find it necessary to have one and prefer to use campsite showers.

Just get in contact with us and we will happily talk you through the next steps for implementing your proposed changes! 

Some of our most popular upgrades include:

  • Tracker
  • Deadlocks
  • Window security film
  • Solar panels
  • Lithium batteries for more off-grid use
  • Bike racks
  • Driveaway awnings
  • Cassette awnings
  • Reversing cameras

Campervan Interior

Fit your campervan dream into the budget. Our team help you find the best value for money and assist you in finding the right van for your own personal needs.

Sussex Campervans also guarantee 3 years warranty with every van purchase*. Our goal is to work tirelessly to ensure that you can feel secure and get the most out of your van.

All our vans are recommended to have a yearly Habitation Service that carefully examines nuts, bolts, waterproofing, gas systems, seating, beds and all the other campervan elements that need to be maintained.

Our team of professionals are always on hand to ensure that your annual vehicle checkup goes smoothly. We provide courtesy cars whilst your van is being worked on, or you can relax in our client lounge with a coffee.

*Keeping up with your Habitation Service will keep your warranty valid.

Inside a Campervan

What Comes Next?

At Sussex Campervans we offer bespoke conversions. That means you can effectively purchase a camper that is completely built to order. You can decide the campervans features and appearance all the way down to the smallest details.

We all have different preferences and needs, and so we have worked hard to provide opportunities for our campervans to come with all the equipment and adjustments you may require. With this in mind, it is incredibly important that you know about the different options available.

Before you come down to visit us at our workshops, we would definitely recommend getting acquainted with the various camper adaptations we offer.

Make an Informed Choice