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Still waiting for that lottery win before you buy a campervan?

I'm beginning to give up on that lottery win - perhaps it's time to look at all the other ways to buy a campervan and make my dreams come true!
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We have a shared campervan with my brother

Pauline and Jeff have a shared campervan with Pauline’s brother David and his wife, who live in South Africa - and they've named their Paradise Compact after their parents
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We drove north - as far north as we could go

For this summer’s NV200 camper challenge we drove north - as far north as we could go - to Shetland and Orkney by campervan
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Campervan cooking: tips & tricks

One of the joys of campervan life is stopping on a whim and rustling up a meal in minutes - all you need are a few essential campervan cooking tips and tricks
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Fly-drive before you buy?

Are you planning a fly-drive holiday in the US, Australia or New Zealand? If so, here are some funny and helpful tips on wilderness camping to enjoy, before you buy your Sussex Campervan.
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How to have the best campervan holidays with dogs

Dog owners often buy campervans so they can take their furry best friends on holiday with them - so which are the best campervans for camping with dogs?
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A van for all seasons

How does the NV200 CamperCar cope with snow and extreme weather in all seasons, we wondered - and who better to ask than mountain rescuer Steve?
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Our Scottish campervan adventure: Part five

Bewitched by Loch Lomond, Angela and Trevor took time to relax before continuing their 19-day Scottish Highlands holiday in their Nissan NV200 CamperCar.