All Electric Service Station - Gridserve

New: All Electric Service Station - Now Open

Gridserve announced on Tuesday 7th December 2020, the opening of the UK’s first All-Electric Service Station in Braintree, Essex, where you can plug-in and charge using 100% renewably powered, ultra-fast charging. It's a new concept including a coffee shop, a lounge area, exercise bikes, office space - even a grocery store as well.

Something we get asked a lot when folk are considering our All Electric e-NV200 CamperCar is the perennial question: "Where can I charge it up?" It looks like this is part of the answer - Gridserve are opening 100 of these sites in the next 5 years, and they're just one company.

Daniel took our new All Electric e-NV200 CamperCar to have a look and spoke to one of the managers in the new Braintree site. Watch the video above to see our tour of the first site.

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