How to winterise your campervan

“How can we winterise our campervan?” is one of the main questions that people ask when they collect their campervans. 

The most important thing you need to do in any camper is to drain down the water systems. And in Sussex Campervans, this is something you can easily do yourself, in a couple of minutes. 
All of our campervans have portable water containers, with a pump that you turn on via the control panel. This means that when you turn the tap on, water flows into the sink. We’ve deliberately kept the water containers lightweight and easy to clean.
So all you need to do each winter is remove the water from the container and from the pump and pipes in the van, before the temperature dips below freezing. I asked Chris to explain, in a really short video: How to winterise your campervan. (Click the link or see below.)

Simple! As long as you empty the water container, switch the pump off and leave the pump out, the pipework and container should not freeze and split. There’s no ‘grey’ water tank to worry about in Sussex Campervans.
I do like his extra tip about putting the pop-top up, airing the campervan out and making a cuppa from time to time during the winter.

Campervan battery tips for winter
So, apart from the water systems, is there anything else to think about in the winter?

Fortunately, our campervans are designed to be easy to use – all year round. This is great, because if you’re using it frequently, or even as your main vehicle, there should be no problems with flat batteries in the winter. Even if you don’t want to sleep in it in the winter, the  campervan makes an ideal day van, so you can make the most of your leisure time and using it as a cosy base for all your outdoor hobbies and spectator sports. 

But if you do need to leave your camper standing for a week or more, it helps to start her up and run the engine for 20 minutes at a time, once or twice a week, to give the vehicle battery a boost. The easiest thing is just to take her to the supermarket, or use her as a day van.

That’s just the same as for a car. And as with any other vehicle, if the engine won’t start, buy or borrow a battery charger and follow the instructions to recharge your battery. Or just get your breakdown cover provider (AA, RAC, or whoever you’re with), to come and give it a jump start. Run the engine for 20 minutes or so before switching it off. 

Another good winter tip is to buy a spare electric hook-up adaptor for your garage or hallway and plug your campervan in, to charge up the leisure battery from time to time. This is especially handy if you ever have friends staying the night with you. If there’s no spare bedroom you can offer them your comfy self-contained campervan, complete with a fridge, heating, lighting and their own kettle and loo! Luxury.

Anyway… I hope this is useful – and if you’re ever in Sussex, do come and see for yourself how easy it is to use our campervans, all year round. Here’s a handy map to help you find us.

A day out to visit us really is worthwhile, and I think you’ll feel you’re among friends. Give us a call on 01403 336 369 and come on over – even if you’ve visited before. There are many new things we’d like to show you, and we’d enjoy seeing you.

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