Isn't Campervan Insurance
Really Expensive?

The Answer Might Surprise You...

Lots of People Ask How Much It Costs to Insure a Campervan.
I Think They Assume That It’s Going to Cost Them a Lot More to Insure a Campervan Than Their Daily Car.

Do you know what? Just because a campervan is a bigger vehicle, it doesn’t mean it’s always more expensive to insure. Insurance companies do see us campervanners as a good risk. I think they recognise a certain class of person, who loves the open road, and the fresh air, and loves their freedom. And they recognise that we will do our best to look after our campervans, which means that we’re a great choice for them to insure. 

So actually, many of our clients find that it costs them less to insure their campervan than it does to insure their car.

Now, I could get into quoting numbers, but let me just say that often when I ask I find that people have got fully comprehensive insurance cover on their campervan for between £350 and £450 per year. But of course your quote may be different. For instance, your mileage may vary, which alters the amount of risk they’re insuring you against.

We work with a couple of big specialist insurers, so we can give you their details when you phone us up, and they know our products well. We’re finding that insurance premiums are really reasonable for most of our clients, especially those who have many years of ‘no claims’ bonuses and a good driving history.  

Insurers will also consider your home location, the number of vehicles you own, your age and your answers to their questions about your medical history. All being well, you can probably get insured in your campervan for less than your car.

If you are planning to drive abroad, it’s wise to check the small print of your insurance and your breakdown cover to make sure that it includes the countries you will be visiting. Make sure you do this before you make any bookings, just in case there is a problem. It’s also wise to check the Foreign Office travel advice for the countries you will be visiting. If there are any extra risks involved in driving there – whether from terrorism, war, riots, extreme weather events such as volcanoes, floods, earthquakes or wildfires, or perhaps outbreaks of illness (like the coronavirus COVID-19), or something else – the Foreign Office will be the first to know. Some events that are out of human control, such as a volcanic eruption, for instance, may be deemed ‘Acts of God’ and therefore not covered by any insurance. Check the small print for exclusions before you drive up a volcano.

Other Yearly Costs for a Campervan

Road tax is currently as it would be if it were a van – around £265 or £270 per annum. It’s not linked to emissions like other vehicles.

The good news is that panel van conversions under 3500kg are Class IV so can be taken to any garage that does car MOTs (as long as their MOT ramp is long enough) and should cost no more than a car.

Servicing should be done once a year (but do check the manufacturer’s specification for your van). The cost will depend on your vehicle and the garage you take it to. It’s always worth checking with your converter as to whether they can arrange it for you along with the habitation service (to check the gas, electrics and water storage as well as any other snags that might have occurred throughout the year) so you can have as little time as possible away from your van.

I hope this has reassured you that the cost of owning a campervan may not be as expensive as you originally thought. Or maybe it’s reminded you of things you may not have considered.

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