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A pop-top roof is a type of roof that can be raised or lowered on a campervan or recreational vehicle. We, and many of our clients, love pop-top roofs because of the extra storage space they provide. If you're travelling with small children, you can often let as many as two of them sleep in the roof with plenty of space. Pop-top roofs are typically made of canvas or vinyl and can be raised to create additional headroom and sleeping space inside the campervan. They are a popular feature on campervans because they also allow the vehicle to be more versatile and can be useful for tall individuals who may not have enough headroom in a standard campervan. Pop-top roofs are typically raised and lowered using a hand crank or manual setup system, and they can be opened partially or all the way, depending on the needs of the occupants. When the pop-top roof is not in use, it can be closed and secured, protecting the interior of the campervan from the elements.

should i get an electric pop-top campervan roof?

To answer this frequently asked question, see our video guide above by author and campervan expert Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro.

For many of us, we love things to be automated and have things happen at the touch of a button. That is why we've been trying to produce a really good quality campervan electric roof system. For quite a while we've been working on it, well now we've cracked it. Press a button and it goes up, press a button then it goes down.

This is going to open pop top Caravan ownership to a much wider audience of people. Perhaps you're travelling with a loved one that is a little elderly, maybe they've got a little arthritis or maybe they just haven't got the strength to push and pull a great big roof. Our newly designed roof goes up and down automatically, done in a jiffy making it quick and easy. 



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