campervan life - travellers' tales

Sussex Campervans owners share their travel stories and more in 'Our Friends' - and let us know how they use their campervans to suit every lifestyle.

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Maiden Voyage in Our Camper

After collecting your brand new campervan, you'll be excited to get out on your maiden voyage. For some clients, they prefer to stay close to home for a 'practise run' for their first trip. For others they decide to jump right in and head for the open road.

Meet Charlie & Jackie

"Our personal Paradise!" Charlie and Jackie’s Paradise Compact is packed and “tour-ready”, they’ve booked campsites for Scotland’s NC500 route and are raring to go!

Shielding in Paradise

Locked down but not locked in - Our Paradise campervan kept us safe from Covid, even though we’re at high risk, says David.

Suzi's Escape To Portugal

Even Covid can’t stop Suzi – after the first UK lockdown she escaped from Sussex and drove through Northern Spain to sunny Portugal.
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The Half Term Escape

Illustrator Hugo and 14-year-old daughter Sylvie escaped to Scotland for half term with Roller the dog, while Diana and Simon chose not to wait until retirement to buy their campervan so they could make memories with their 9-year-old son Torsten.

Exploring Europe Part 2: Poland & Slovakia

In part 2 of Exploring Europe, Richard and Hong tour round Poland and Slovakia in their NV200 CamperCar and bikes.

Battlefield Tours In My Camper

As a battlefield tour guide, Jeff says he helps friends to pay tribute to their lost relatives - and soon he’ll lead the way in his campervan, between holidays with his wife Mary.
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Our Camper Helps Us Bring the Circus to Town

Using your campervan as a base for your hobby can be loads of fun, as we found out when we caught up with circus performers Jenny and Phil.

Home Is Where I Park It

Using the campervan as a base camp allows cyclist Tina to pedal far and wide in pursuit of her dreams.

The New Era of Campervan Friendships

Loneliness has been a struggle for many people in 2020, so we're reaching out to campervan friends online. There are so many ways to stay in touch online in this digital age - here are a few.