Our Friends

campervan life - travellers' tales

Sussex Campervans owners share their travel stories and more in 'Our Friends' - and let us know how to use campervans to suit every lifestyle.

1 Sussex Campervans VW Caledonia LWB dog friendly campervans Penny.JPEG

Meet Penny

‘Heelwork to music’ is Penny’s hobby, and she’s discovered that life is sweeter on the road with her Westies, now she has her dog-friendly campervan - a VW Caledonia from Sussex Campervans
Part 1 NV200 CamperCar An Teallach, Highlands.png

Meet Steve & Birgit

Mountaineer Steve and his wife Birgit are on a mission to see the coast all around Britain in a campervan - the compact Nissan NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans
Sussex Campervans NV200 compact camper touring NV200 Brian Aprille.JPG

Meet Brian & Aprille

Brian and Aprille bought their first red NV200 CamperCar with a diesel engine and manual gearbox in 2017, and it was love at first sight. They've since upgraded to a white petrol auto version.
Sussex Campervans Manhattan Nick Georgie Daniel VIP campervan owners.JPEG

Meet Nick & Georgie

When it comes to family campervan holidays, we have just one regret - that we didn’t start earlier, says Georgie, the owner of a Manhattan MPV by Sussex Campervans
7.  Sussex Campervans NV200 compact camper Ruth festival storyteller guitar.JPG

Meet Ruth

Ever since she bought her Sussex Campervans Nissan NV200 CamperCar as her only vehicle, storyteller Ruth has found that it improves life in many ways
Sussex Campervans Manhattan Dog friendly camper - Alan 2.JPEG

Meet Alan, Sue & Barney

Alan and Sue use their campervan for an active retirement with their beautiful Labradoodle, Barney
Sussex Campervans for sale camping with dogs Paradise campervan.JPEG

Meet Sue, Rick & Ted

Therapist Sue has owned her Bamboo Green Paradise Twin for less than a year, yet she and her husband Rick have already explored large parts of Europe in it
Sussex Campervans family campervan Kate M.JPEG

Meet Kieron & Kate

Those who experience campervan life as children will never lose their appetite for adventure, says Kieron
Sussex Campervans Manhattan family camping holidays JN.JPG

Meet Jeremy & Janice

Jeremy, his wife Janice, their son Julian, and their dog Pebbles use their family campervan ‘Laurence’ for windsurfing and other outdoor adventures
Geoff, Jane Shrimp Manhattan Sussex Campervans.JPEG

Meet Geoff & Jane

Shrimp the whippet sits happily between Geoff and Jane in the cab during their campervan adventures in their Manhattan from Sussex Campervans