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Sussex Campervans owners share their travel stories and more in 'Our Friends' - and let us know how they use their campervans to suit every lifestyle.

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Isle of Man Road Trip

Ken & Carol had dreamt of visiting the Isle of Man for many years when they owned a caravan, but were always put off by the lack of caravan sites on the island and the thought of all those narrow roads...
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Festival Season

After two years of most Summer events being cancelled and postponed, this year many people are excited to finally be able to attend festivals, shows and carnivals with family and friends.

Created for Photography

Mick’s bespoke Sussex Campervans Manhattan works perfectly for his wildlife photography.

Bagging Munros

A campervan is a great vehicle for many outdoor activities. Euan has been using his CamperCar as his base camp to climb Munros in Scotland and tick them off his bucket list one by one.
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Exploring Europe Part 3: Czech & Austria

In part 3 of Exploring Europe, Richard and Hong tour round Czech and Austria in their NV200 CamperCar with their bikes.

Happily Ever After

Building campervans to celebrate special wedding anniversaries has been a great honour for Sussex Campervans - and we’d like to congratulate some of our most romantic couples.
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Maiden Voyage in Our Camper

After collecting your brand new campervan, you'll be excited to get out on your maiden voyage. For some clients, they prefer to stay close to home for a 'practise run' for their first trip. For others they decide to jump right in and head for the open road.

Meet Charlie & Jackie

"Our personal Paradise!" Charlie and Jackie’s Paradise Compact is packed and “tour-ready”, they’ve booked campsites for Scotland’s NC500 route and are raring to go!

Shielding in Paradise

Locked down but not locked in - Our Paradise campervan kept us safe from Covid, even though we’re at high risk, says David.

Suzi's Escape To Portugal

Even Covid can’t stop Suzi – after the first UK lockdown she escaped from Sussex and drove through Northern Spain to sunny Portugal.
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The Half Term Escape

Illustrator Hugo and 14-year-old daughter Sylvie escaped to Scotland for half term with Roller the dog, while Diana and Simon chose not to wait until retirement to buy their campervan so they could make memories with their 9-year-old son Torsten.

Exploring Europe Part 2: Poland & Slovakia

In part 2 of Exploring Europe, Richard and Hong tour round Poland and Slovakia in their NV200 CamperCar and bikes.

Battlefield Tours In My Camper

As a battlefield tour guide, Jeff says he helps friends to pay tribute to their lost relatives - and soon he’ll lead the way in his campervan, between holidays with his wife Mary.
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Our Camper Helps Us Bring the Circus to Town

Using your campervan as a base for your hobby can be loads of fun, as we found out when we caught up with circus performers Jenny and Phil.

Home Is Where I Park It

Using the campervan as a base camp allows cyclist Tina to pedal far and wide in pursuit of her dreams.

The New Era of Campervan Friendships

Loneliness has been a struggle for many people in 2020, so we're reaching out to campervan friends online. There are so many ways to stay in touch online in this digital age - here are a few.

BeeInspired - Business in a Campervan

Buying campervan for both business and pleasure was Robin and Alison’s plan, and they bought their Manhattan from Sussex Campervans in 2018.

Escape to France

As millions of Britons stranded overseas by the rise of Covid across Europe, Jill and Roger bucked the trend and escaped from Sussex to France in their campervan.

Bodiam and Beyond

John and Jules stayed fairly local for their campervan holidays this year - and the best thing about it was spending extra time with their grandchildren.

Achieving the Dream

Many people would love a campervan, but simply can’t afford to buy one. This used to be Phil and Kimberley’s problem – until everything changed.

Meet Richie & Debs

Tackling armed robbers and chasing villains is all in a day's work for actor-producer Richie Hobday - but in their spare time, he and Debs get away from it all in their Manhattan campervan.
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Going Solo

If you're young (at heart), free and single, campervan life is perfect for you - Sussex Campervan owners share their inspiring tales of solo travel.
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Finding My Roots

If you’re lucky enough to have an ancestor from another land, why not use your campervan to discover your roots? Pamela went to Ireland, then Scotland, while Jeff and Jane drove to Italy.

Paula, Reg & Ruby's Post-Lockdown Adventures

Paula and Reg named their new built-to-order Sussex Campervan Ruby - and as soon as the big 2020 Lockdown was eased, they were off, as Reg explains.
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Open Water Swimming with my Campervan

Retired sea captain Chris normally goes swimming in the Solent all year round, using the NV200 CamperCar as his cosy changing room - here’s how life changed during the 2020 Lockdown.
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Meet Jean

Owning a CamperCar enables Jean to remotely supervise youngsters as they gain Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards, even in her late 70s.
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Reg & Ruby’s Retirement Road Trip

On the 2nd July at the grand old age of 68, Reg finally retired – time to make the most of the wonderful Ruby from Sussex Campervans with his wife Paula too!
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Meet Suzi

Suzi gave up her job, rented out her house, bought a Sussex Campervan and drove north - first to Scotland, and then through Europe to Norway...
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VW Camper Tours of Spain

VW camper owners Martin and Lynda explored Spain twice in their first year with their bespoke Volkswagen Caledonia from Sussex Campervans - covering more than 2500 miles.
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Meet Chris & Alison

Chris and Alison have explored Switzerland, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, the Gower and Folkestone in their Sussex Campervan - what a great first year of ownership!
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The Adventures of Captain Barnacles

Sussex Campervans bring out the child in us all, so we were captivated by Elli’s delight at her parents’ new Manhattan MPV - and now I can reveal the adventures of Captain Barnacles since last August.
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Meet Tony & Patsy

Singing duo Patsy and Tony (Topaz of Britain's Got Talent fame) bought their Manhattan from Sussex Campervans in 2018 - so how have they used the camper since then?
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We Stayed Off-Grid During Our Paradise Campervan Tour of Europe

Doreen and Peter have just visited ten countries in a row - and they stayed off-grid during their Paradise campervan tour of Europe.
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Meet Ken

After a heart bypass, cancer and the death of his beloved mother - survivor Ken is determined to make the most of campervan life - here’s how.
Nissan NV200 CamperCar Sussex Campervans lake with bikes richard hong

Exploring Europe Part 1: Belgium, Germany & Czech Republic

Richard and his wife visited 18 countries in two years in their petrol-automatic Nissan NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans - starting with Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic.
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We Have a Shared Campervan with my Brother

Pauline and Jeff have a shared campervan with Pauline’s brother David and his wife, who live in South Africa - and they've named their Paradise Compact after their parents.
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Meet Cathie

Now she’s retired from teaching, Cathie is free to explore at last - and she loves using her NV200 CamperCar every day - near home in beautiful Devon, and beyond
Part 3 Orkney Solstice Sunrise NV200 CamperCar Sussex Campervans.jpg

We Drove North - As Far North As We Could Go

For this summer’s NV200 camper challenge we drove north - as far north as we could go - to Shetland and Orkney by campervan.
1 Sussex Campervans VW Caledonia LWB dog friendly campervans Penny.JPEG

Meet Penny

‘Heelwork to music’ is Penny’s hobby, and she’s discovered that life is sweeter on the road with her Westies, now she has her dog-friendly campervan - a VW Caledonia from Sussex Campervans.
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Meet Steve & Birgit

Mountaineer Steve and his wife Birgit are on a mission to see the coast all around Britain in a campervan - the compact Nissan NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans
Aprille and brian Phillips red NV200

Meet Brian & Aprille

Brian and Aprille bought their first red NV200 CamperCar with a diesel engine and manual gearbox in 2017, and it was love at first sight. They've since upgraded to a white petrol auto version.

Meet Nick & Georgie

When it comes to family campervan holidays, we have just one regret - that we didn’t start earlier, says Georgie, the owner of a Manhattan MPV by Sussex Campervans.
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Meet Ruth

Ever since she bought her Sussex Campervans Nissan NV200 CamperCar as her only vehicle, storyteller Ruth has found that it improves life in many ways
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Meet Alan, Sue & Barney

Alan and Sue use their campervan for an active retirement with their beautiful Labradoodle, Barney
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Meet Sue, Rick & Ted

Therapist Sue has owned her Bamboo Green Paradise Twin for less than a year, yet she and her husband Rick have already explored large parts of Europe in it.
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Meet Kieron & Kate

Those who experience campervan life as children will never lose their appetite for adventure, says Sussex Campervans owner Kieron.
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Meet Jeremy & Janice

Jeremy, his wife Janice, their son Julian, and their dog Pebbles use their family campervan ‘Laurence’ for windsurfing and other outdoor adventures
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Meet Geoff & Jane

Shrimp the whippet sits happily between Geoff and Jane in the cab during their campervan adventures in their Manhattan from Sussex Campervans.
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Meet Jim & Joy

Jim and Joy use their Panorama Blue Manhattan MPV from Sussex Campervans to explore the UK, towing their beloved 45-year-old MG Midget behind.
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Meet Chris & Steph

Steph and Chris bought their family campervan - a Manhattan MPV camper from Sussex Campervans - before starting a family, so Maddie and baby Libby have never known anything else.
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Meet John & Gail

Formula 1 fans John and Gail are having so much fun - thanks to their Manhattan camper from Sussex Campervans, they’re never at home.
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Meet Nicola

Why wait for retirement to have fun? Peripatetic NHS clinician Nicola bought her NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans for both work and leisure time.
JennyN and granddaughter.CamperCar.JPEG

Meet Jenny

Jenny uses her NV200 CamperCar as the breakfast hub for short breaks and archaeological digs - and her bacon sandwiches have made her a legend.
Meet Sussex Campervans owner Michael treasure hunter Nissie at Urchfont.JPG

Meet Michael

Michael found a 1,000-year-old Anglo-Saxon penny during one treasure hunting trip in his NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans.
Bobbie in Spain with her Volkswagen camper.jpg

Meet Bobbie

Sunseeker Bobbie owns a VW Caledonia by Sussex Campervans - and knows all the best routes to find winter sunshine in Spain.
NV200 camper Sussex Campervans John Julie bunting.JPG

Meet John & Julie

Musical John and yoga teacher Julie love their Nissan NV200 CamperCar - here’s why they call it Beano...
Angela, Trevor and their dog had a wonderful pitch overlooking Loch Lomond.jpg

Our Scottish Campervan Adventure: Part Five

Bewitched by Loch Lomond, Angela and Trevor took time to relax before continuing their 19-day Scottish Highlands holiday in their Nissan NV200 CamperCar.
The Brodie Bunny is a big attraction at Brodie Castle's Playful Gardens.jpg

Our Scottish Campervan Adventure: Part Four

The Culloden Battlefield and Brodie Castle’s Playful Gardens were highlights of Angela and Trevor's Scottish campervan adventure in their Nissan NV200 CamperCar from Sussex Campervans.
The Medieval ruin Castle Campbell overlooks Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire.jpg

Our Scottish Campervan Adventure: Part Three

Angela and Trevor continue their epic 19-day Scottish campervan adventure with Outlander film locations – the Scottish ‘Versailles’ and a 1700s Highland village.
The Starlight Silver Nissan NV200 campervan is compact enough to drive anywhere in Scotland.jpg

Our Scottish Campervan Adventure: Part Two

Angela and Trevor cross the Forth Road Bridge to Fife in search of more Outlander film locations as they continue their epic Scottish campervan adventure in a Sussex Campervans NV200 CamperCar.
Angela Davis Loch Lomond lovely Sussex plate.JPG

Our Scottish Campervan Adventure: Part One

As fans of the Outlander TV series, Angela and Trevor based their epic 19-day campervan tour of Scotland on Outlander film locations – in their Nissan NV200 CamperCar.
NV200 camper Sussex Campervans bunting Beano.JPG

Beano the CamperCar Star

The smallest, cutest, most car-like campervan we sell at Sussex Campervans is our Nissan NV200 CamperCar. In fact it’s our best seller. And it just got even better, thanks to owners Julie and John.