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Nissan e-NV200 Camper

Choose Sussex Campervans' Nissan e-NV200 CamperCar if you're looking for a compact campervan that drives like a car and has a fully electric engine.

What Is the e-NV200?

You asked for eco-friendly campervan conversions that could compete with diesel and petrol models. We listened. Using the e-NV200 van base model, we set to work building the all-electric campervan and the results completely blew us away.

The generous amount of space provided by Nissan in the e-NV200 camper means that we've been able to produce an electric camper conversion with unrivalled levels of power and storage

No more faffing around with heavy gas tanks in the back of your camper. Just plug in, charge up and go!

Is the e-NV200 Camper Completely Electric?

Yes. Named in the top 5 electric campervans and 10 ten motorhomes of 2022 by Discover Touring, the e-NV200 is a long-term project that we at Sussex Campervans have been working hard to perfect. The e-NV200 does not require fuel tanks of any kind, it runs completely on electricity generated from various sources of clean and renewable energy.

Okay, so we aren't the first campervan company to announce the launch of an electric campervan. However, many other 'electric campers' still require you to carry around gas cannisters and are essentially hybrids. These campervans are simply electric vans converted into campers but without any of the extra work to make it completely electric and eco-friendly.

The goal at Sussex Campervans was to provide you with an electric campervan that really was eco-friendly. We wanted to create something that cut through all the noise and delivered on what it was supposed to. No internal combustion engine. No fossil fuels. No more carrying cannisters of LPG, diesel or petrol. No trying to sell a campervan that wasn't completely green. Just a camper that ran solely on solar power and other sources of green energy.

How is the e-NV200 different to petrol / diesel campers?

Aside from the fact that it doesn't use any gas or fossil fuels, the first and most noteable difference is that the range of the e-NV200 is better when driving round town than it is on a straight run. This is the opposite of a fossil fuel veichle. 

With this in mind, the van has an impressive turning circle of just 11.1m. This makes light work of  tight corners and side streets that you might find on campsites and off-grid locations. 

You will also save money as you could be entitled to the UK plug-in car grant, plus zero congestion charges and zero road tax.


The Nissan e-NV200 Camper is based on both the Acenta and the Tekna base vehicle models. These are the two versions of the e-NV200 that are on the higher end of the market due to their improved and modern features.

Brand new Nissan e-NV200 Tekna vans are currently in limited supply in the UK, so our brand new Nissan electric campers start from £67,995, while stocks last.

If the Nissan e-NV200 isn't for you, don't worry, we have a range of different custom built vans available to choose from. We also have more information on electric campervans and why you should choose them over a petrol or diesel engine.


Not quite ready to go fully electric?

Take a look at our newest campervan - the Nissan NV200 VX-e. A combustion engine van with all-electric interior.

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Van Features

Pop top with elevating roof
Classic side kitchen layout
x4 Lithium Powercells
Two to four berth
Induction hob and sink
Two or four belted seats


  • Your choice of upholstery, worktops and flooring
  • Pop-top elevating roof with unique panoramic window
  • 2 or 4 belted seats
  • Single front swivel passenger seat
  • Sleeps 2-4
  • Rock n Roll bed (or single ottoman bed option)
  • Classic side kitchen layout with additional under-bed storage and flyover cupboards
  • LED lighting
  • USB and 12V battery sockets
  • Induction hob
  • 50L compressor fridge with freezer compartment
  • User-friendly stainless steel control panel
  • 240V electric hook-up and lithium leisure battery


  • Upholstered cushioned bed panels on elevating roof bed
  • Microwave
  • Solar panel
  • Inverter system for 240V power off-grid
  • Slide-out Porta Potti under bed

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Vehicle Specification

Engine 40kWh battery
Transmission Manual / Auto
Charging Time 0- 80% charge in 45 minutes
Range 124 to 187 miles
Braking system Anti-lock Braking System
Security Optional Thatcham approved alarm
Height Approx. 1.85m
Length 4560mm
Width (inc. mirrors) 1771mm
Width (ex. mirrors) 1755mm



Slide the lever across.
Bring the back down towards you.
Slide the top back panel away from you.
The bed is now ready to use.


Extendable warranty for peace of mind

We give a 12-month warranty on the vehicle (if it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty) & 36-month warranty on our conversion work, for your complete peace of mind. You can extend this for a further 3 years for a small premium.

Keeping you on the road

We offer a complete servicing and repair package, as well as your annual habitation check.

Winterising your campervan

Using your campervan all year round is the best way to keep it in good condition. But if you know it will be parked up for a while, we can prepare the water and heating systems for winter to ensure you can make a quick getaway in the spring!

Next steps

Book a visit and we'll show you around our stock vehicles – one might be perfect for you. If you'd like to buy one of them just as it is, we can prepare it for you quickly. If you'd like different upholstery, this can be arranged too. Alternatively, if you'd like our 'Built To Order' service, let's talk about how you want to use your campervan. We will show you all the gorgeous fabrics and furniture colours that you can have. If you have a hobby or specialist equipment to get on board, perhaps we can customise the campervan to make life easier? After our discussions, we'll prepare a specification and quote for your approval.