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VW Caledonia SX

Ideal for those looking for that original VW campervan experience

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VW Caledonia SX

If you love the idea of owning an iconic old VW camper, but need something practical, reliable and new, my VW Caledonia SX is perfect for you

The name Volkswagen is practically synonymous with campervans in many people’s minds. So we’re happy to offer our own range of Volkswagen campervans, based on the latest Transporter vans, with their excellent reliability, low-emission Euro 6 diesel engines with AdBlue, fitted out with all the 21st Century luxuries you’d expect.

When I first jumped into my VW T6-based campervan I was pleased to find that it feels like a car, and has plenty of oomph to get up hills or cruise on the motorway. My VW Caledonia SX looks big, but it’s shorter than some estate cars, such as the BMW 5 series, so you can drive it anywhere. I think it’s pretty eye-catching, too – a new VW icon in the making. You’ll turn heads in this vehicle, so don’t forget to give a friendly wave to fellow campervan drivers on country roads.

The reliable VW T6 sips fuel, achieving up to an astonishing 46 combined MPG. Choose from two engine sizes and a five- or six-speed gearbox – or even Volkswagen’s diesel ‘automatic’ – the DSG. The latest VW vans are all designed to make driving a dream. Whether you’re touring French vineyards for three weeks, seeking sun, sea, and paella in Spain, or visiting friends in England, the VW Caledonia SX is a fantastic home from home.

All our new campervans come with our latest SX system – an underslung LPG tank and heater, with an external BBQ point. The LPG tank powers the heating and twin-burner hob.  Plus there’s a fantastic new user-friendly control panel. From this control panel you can switch the LED lights on and off individually, turn the gas supply, fridge and heater on and off. There are dials to tell you how much LPG is left in the tank, and also the condition of both the vehicle and leisure batteries. There are even circuit-breakers on the panel – and everything is easy to use.

We can build you your own VW Caledonia SX (SWB) from around £39,995 (“brand new secondhand”) or from £47,995 (brand new) and you can specify many extra design touches, to make it uniquely yours.

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VW Caledonia

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Caledonia SX


Caledonia SWB.png

Caledonia SX MPV


Caledonia LWB.png

Key features

  • Pop-top roof
  • 4 or 5 belted seats
  • 4 or 5 berth
  • LED lighting
  • Single or double swivel seat
  • 50L fridge with freezer compartment
  • SMEV hob & sink unit
  • Optional privacy glass
  • Under-slung LPG tank
  • External LPG barbecue point
  • USB and 12V battery sockets
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Optional solar panel
  • Mains hook up & 12v system with leisure battery
  • Hand-finished furniture & upholstery

The vehicle

Sample specification (Highline)

  • Engine 2.0 litre TDI
  • Transmission Manual or Auto
  • Power/Torque 150 PS
  • 0-62 mph 11.1 seconds
  • Top speed (where law permits) 113 mph
  • CO2 159 g/km squared
  • Combined MPG 46.3 mpg
  • Braking system Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Security Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser.
  • Height with pop-top (down) approx. 2m
  • Short wheel base version length 4904 mm
  • Long wheel base version length 5304 mm
  • Width including mirrors 2.29m
  • Width without mirrors 1.9m


Take to the road in your VW Caledonia SX

  • Your Caledonia SX can be fitted with a choice of alloy wheels.
  • The elevated driving position in the VW gives great visibility and makes driving a breeze, with everything in easy reach.
  • The Caledonia’s large wing mirrors give a clear view to the sides. For extra peace of mind, we can install a reversing camera to help squeeze into those tight spots.
  • With built-in radio, sat-nav and Bluetooth, driving off on your adventures couldn’t be easier in your Caledonia! (selected models only).


Take a look inside the VW Caledonia

  • By day you have a spacious kitchen-diner, and at night you can still get to the fridge, even with the bed made up!
  • Blackout curtains are fitted as standard to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Our campervans come with a thermostatically controlled heating system, and are fully carpeted to eliminate cool spots.
  • Choose double or single swivel passenger seats for more comfortable lounging and dining.


Let’s settle down for the night in our patented Rock ‘n’ Roll beds

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

To transform the belted rear seat into a double bed, just pull the lever and back rest towards you, then when it’s down slide the top section of the bed towards the back, closing the gap. It takes just a few seconds – voila!

How easy was that? And it’s just as quick in the morning to turn the bedroom into your breakfast room.


Becoming the proud owner of your own custom campervan is a lot easier then you think

Choose our Built To Order service and we'll prepare a specification for your approval

Once you're happy with your order, we'll ask you to sign it and pay £1,000 to book the workshop time for us to build your new campervan.

Half the price of your campervan is payable when we purchase your new vehicle.

The remainder is payable once your camper is released from the workshop to our pre-delivery inspection (PDI) team.

As soon as your camper passes its PDI we'll send the details you need, so you can tax and insure the van from the day you're coming in to collect it. On that day we'll give you a full handover to explain how everything works.

And once you have purchased your campervan – we offer a full range of servicing and after care, including repairs, MOTs, Winterisation Service and Habitation Service.

Think you may want some extra modifications or upgrades later? We're here to help you with that, too.

Help with your campervan purchase

Purchasing your campervan through Sussex Campervans couldn't be easier, with our finance partner. Just a 10% deposit will secure your vehicle and we can tailor a finance package that best suits your needs – for example you may be considering financing just the vehicle and you may wish to pay for the conversion yourself. We can be very flexible in what we can offer and will work with your monthly budget and deposit requirements. Just ask us for more details.

We will also accept your current vehicle in part-exchange against the purchase of your campervan.

After-care service

As the proud owner of one of our Sussex Campervans you gain peace of mind – we're just a phone call away and happy to give you advice. We offer:

  • 24-hour helpline
  • MOT
  • Repairs
  • Courtesy car during servicing

Extendable warranty for peace of mind

Every vehicle is fully warrantied, we give a 12-month warranty on the vehicle (if it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty) & 36-month warranty on everything we've built, for your complete peace of mind. You can extend this for a further 3 years for a small premium.

Keeping you on the road

We offer a complete servicing and repair package, as well as your recommended yearly habitation check. Talk to us about 25% off your first year's habitation check.

Winterising your campervan

Using your campervan over winter is the best way way to look after it but sometimes this is not always possible and you may not get a chance to get out in it for several months. Preparing your van for winter is really important to ensure the longevity of your vehicle and its components. We can make those necessary safety checks to the water and heating systems for you to ensure you can make a quick getaway when spring arrives! Talk to us about 25% off your first year's habitation check.

Next steps

The road to ownership

Come and visit us at our workshop and see our work for yourself – you're welcome to visit us as often as you wish and stay as long as you like!

We have a lovely range of stock vehicles ready to buy – one might be perfect for you.

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How we make your campervan dreams come true


During your visit, we'll show you our stock vehicles to start with. If you'd like to buy one of them just as it is, we can prepare it for you quickly. If you'd like different upholstery, this can be arranged too.

Alternatively, if you'd like our 'Built to order' service (see above, left), let's talk about how you want to use your campervan. We will show you all the gorgeous fabrics and furniture colours that you can have. If you have a hobby or specialist equipment to get on board, perhaps we can customise the campervan to make life easier? After our discussions we'll prepare a specification for your approval.

Take a closer look at our team of talented craftsmen and women

Tour Hard Furnishings Department Sussex Campervans with all custom bespoke camper campervan options

Hand-finished furniture

The Gold Standard...Custom Bespoke Upholstery for Your New Campervan

Bespoke upholstery

Sussex Campervans Rock and Roll Bed Seat Safety Test Camper Crash Testing Seatbelt Child Passenger

Our own Rock 'n' Roll bed

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The team were hard at work carefully fitting out two bespoke campervans, and it was good to see work in progress. We had not made an appointment but were greeted enthusiastically and shown the two vehicles available, and were very impressed by the layout of the Paradise range, where the front seats turn round to form the foot of the single beds. There are some great ideas at Sussex Campervans, and the workmanship in the vans is of a high quality. Having just sold our high quality Swedish yacht, we are really looking for a land version of this. We are used to living in a small area, where every space is utilised, so we were impressed with the way this is done in these vans.
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