When you think of campervan food, what first comes to mind? You may think when you're camping, food will be bland and boring. It will have to be from a tin or a packet. Well, that's not entirely true... Campervan cuisine is only limited to your time and imagination.

We've seen many of our friends cooking up a storm in their campervans - from a full Sunday roast to a stack of pancakes. Part of the fun of campervan life is cooking up delicious recipes at the end of a day exploring. Why not try some of these recipes below? Tried and tested by seasoned campers, you'll definitely go to sleep with a happy stomach!

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Out in the wilds and fancy a pizza? Why not make your own? Cooking a Christmas Dinner on just two gas rings in a campervan... It can be done! Creating a restaurant worthy meal with glorious views across the countryside? 100% possible. Who said campervan food was boring?!

lighter meals and sides

Fancy something quick? These simple recipes can be rustled up easily in your campervan with minimal pans and utensils.


When you're on holiday, you can always treat yourself to dessert! Whip something up in under 5 minutes or toast some smores on the BBQ while you relax.


At the end of a long day of adventure, you deserve a drink!