Rock 'n' Roll Beds

Rock 'n' Roll beds can either be really comfortable or a complete nightmare. You want something that is crash tested or pull tested and with a quick release that can be put up and down with ease. However, some of the available options will sacrifice comfort to achieve these things. At Sussex Campervans we have had a few various versions of the Rock n Roll bed, however our latest version is comfortable, easy to use and can be put up and down in under 10 seconds.

I'm often asked questions about campervan beds. Are they really comfortable? How do they work? Are they all the same? Will the bed be completely flat?

I've put together this video to answer some of those frequently asked questions.

Rock 'n' Roll beds started in the classic Volkswagen Transporter campervans. With the engine in the rear, the bed was formed of a cushioned platform and a seat that pulled out like a sofa bed.

My first Rock 'n' Roll beds were pyramid style, which pulled out on runners to create a flat, comfortable surface. But these proved to be heavy and awkward to put back again in the morning.

There are several European-made beds which operate in a similar way. These make comfortable seats, and fold down into a bed in 3 steps.

My own design of campervan bed, which we use in our VW campers, Renault Trafic models and our microcamper the CamperCar, is really simple to use. By pulling a simple lever, the bed comes down quickly and easily - in under 10 seconds. It's just as simple to put away in the morning, too.

I'd love to show you round our workshop in Horsham, West Sussex. Come and visit us to try out our Rock 'n' Roll bed for yourself, and see how comfortable it is.