Rock & Roll Beds

Can I Really Have a Good Night's Sleep?

A good holiday needs excellent sleep, which means a good bed. The common question I’d like to answer is, can I have a good sleep in my campervan?

I’ve been comparing the different types of rock and roll beds. Lots of people, when they’re thinking of buying a campervan, wonder whether they can really have a good night’s sleep like they do at home in a campervan bed – or a rock and roll bed, as they’re often called. A lot of people wonder if it’s more like dozing in a chair and you wake up with a stiff neck and an aching back…

This video is all about the different sorts of campervan beds, showing how they convert from travel seat to bed and back again. I think it will help you to choose one that’s going to work well for you.

I think you’d agree, there’s a world of difference between the differing options, even though they might appear similar on first inspection. If you’d like to actually try out some campervan beds in person, d o feel free to reply to this email, give us a call and come down to visit us. I promise you’ll be really welcome.