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Campervan buying in the current COVID-19 throws up new challenges indeed - but we know that as soon as the danger has passed many folk will be keen to escape from confinement and venture out. So we've been busy creating the new Sussex Campervans 'Virtual Visit' especially for you.

If you would love to see our campervans, but can't visit at the moment, here's how we can help. First of all, please ring Paul and Jon on 01403 336 369 for a chat about the kind of campervan you might be interested in. Or email them - - with your phone number and a good time to ring. When you speak, they will ask you a little about yourself, and the others who will be travelling in the van. Then they can suggest which of our stock Sussex Campervans might be a "match" for you. Once you have discussed one or two vans on the forecourt, you may well be interested in seeing it for yourself.

If you've always dreamed of a camper, and now you're sitting at home, following the Government guidelines, let us help alleviate the boredom, and give you 'Something Fun To Do'...

This is where our new virtual visits are proving to be so brilliant. To ensure your safety and ours, there is no need for you to drive to us at all at this time. One of the guys will film themselves taking the "invisible you" right inside a campervan that you've been discussing - and then show you around, live, just as if you were there in person. You can ask any questions you may have, as they spring to mind, and they can answer you immediately, while demonstrating how the Sussex Campervan works, and all its unique features. 


The current travel restrictions do present a challenge - but we know how much our campervan owners love going away and enjoying the relaxed and unforgettable experiences they have in their campers. If you're feeling sad that you missed the chance to come and order a campervan, please don't worry. We're happy to help you order a camper now, to deliver later - whenever the emergency is over. 

Enjoy thinking about something fun for the future...when the current challenging times are over. We'd love to show you all round our campervans, discuss styles and bespoke options, and even prepare a Specification for you to think about. It's easy, it's fun, and it's free.

Fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to confirm your appointment.