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When you’re looking to buy a campervan, we’ve found that a lot of our clients want to know more about us and how our services can benefit them. That’s why we have put together the following collection of frequently asked questions and answers. You can see them all further down this page.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? This section is dedicated to FAQ’s on our company and services we offer, so you should be able to find answers on our main FAQ’s page. Alternatively you can directly contact one of our experts for support or guidance.

Or if we’ve left anything out, please ring us on 01403 336 369 or email – for a chat or to book a visit – and let us know how we can help you in your quest for the right campervan.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person when you visit Sussex Campervans. Thank you for making an appointment so that we can have the right person available to answer your questions during your guided tour. We’re keen to find out more about you, so that we can create the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and make your dreams a reality.

Sussex Campervans

Everything you need to know about us

We love having visitors at Sussex Campervans. Not only do we enjoy helping you to find the right campervan, but having such a bespoke product means that being able to have a proper chat is very important. Click here to find out more about booking a workshop tour or appointment.

Our name is a bit of a give away, but our office and workshop location is in West Sussex. Our address is Graylands Gateway, Langhurst Wood Rd, Horsham RH12 4QD. Click here for directions.

We currently sell campervans to anyone located within the UK. While the majority of our customers like to visit our workshops and have a chat in person, we are happy to make other arrangements or arrange a virtual visit if this isn’t possible for you.

Yes, you can Hire a Sussex Campervan by going to

Simply select a suitable date range and view all the available options.

We don’t normally exhibit Sussex Campervans at any shows, because we would always much prefer to invite people to visit us. That way we can spend one-to-one time getting to know what kind of campervan you really need. However we did exhibit at the South of England Show in 2019 so keep an eye out for our future plans!

It depends on a number of things. A bespoke campervan which needs lots of different materials or parts ordered in and entering our build queue, might take up to 9 months. But, if you’re after a stock vehicle, we can get you on the road in as little as a week.

While Sussex Campervans specialises in bespoke and built-to-order premium campervans, we do also offer stock campers. Our stock campers move very fast so please get in touch for an up-to-date list.

While we don’t convert vans you may already own, we can offer you something better. Take a look at the following article that explores converting your van.

We do offer finance packages through our trusted independent financial adviser, or you can arrange your own. In fact, at Sussex Campervans, we provide a range of different options to help you make your dream of owning a campervan come true.

You can read up about Sussex Campervans finance options on our blog.

Our custom vehicles start from £39,995. We occasionally have customers trade in their pre-loved campers which are also available to buy but these can go very quickly!

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