Buying a campervan is very exciting and people ask many of these 'frequently asked questions' when they make an appointment to visit us at Sussex Campervans workshops

We're looking forward to meeting you in person when you visit Sussex Campervans. Thank you for making an appointment so that we can have the right person available to answer your questions during your guided tour. We're keen to find out more about you, so that we can create the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and make your dreams come true. 

In the meantime, you might like to browse through some of the key questions that people ask us. If we’ve left anything out, please ring us on 01403 336 369 or email - for a chat or to book a visit - and let us know how we can help you in your quest for the right campervan.

Our Most Popular FAQ's

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Sussex Campervans

Everything you need to know about us

Why should I book an appointment to visit Sussex Campervans?

We love having visitors at Sussex Campervans. Not only do we enjoy helping you to find the right campervan, but having such a bespoke product means that being able to have a proper chat is very important. Click here to find out more about booking a workshop tour or appointment.

Where are you located?

Our name is a bit of a give away, but our office and workshop location is in West Sussex. Our address is Graylands Gateway, Langhurst Wood Rd, Horsham RH12 4QD. Click here for directions.

What locations do you cover?

We currently sell campervans to anyone located within the UK. While the majority of our customers like to visit our workshops and have a chat in person, we are happy to make other arrangements or arrange a virtual visit if this isn't possible for you.

Can I Hire a Campervan?

Yes, you can Hire a Sussex Campervans by going to

Simply select a suitable date range and view all the available options.

Are you going to any Trade Shows or events?

We don't normally exhibit Sussex Campervans at any shows, because we would always much prefer to invite people to visit us. That way we can spend one-to-one time getting to know what kind of campervan you really need. However we did exhibit at the South of England Show in 2019 so keep an eye out for our future plans!


Everything you need to know about funding your campervan

Do you offer Finance plans?

We do offer finance packages through our trusted independent financial adviser, or you can arrange your own. In fact, at Sussex Campervans, we provide a range of different options to help you make your dream of owning a campervan come true.

You can read up about Sussex Campervans finance options on our blog.

How much are your campervans?

Our custom vehicles start from £39,995. We occasionally have customers trade in their pre-loved campers which are also available to buy but these can go very quick!

How quickly can I buy a campervan?

It depends on a number of things. A bespoke campervan which needs lots of different materials or parts ordered in and entering our build queue, it might take up to 9 months. But, if you're after a stock vehicle, we can get you on the road in as little time as a week.

staying on the road

The price of campervan ownership - running costs, fuel & insurance

How much does it cost to own a campervan?

A campervan can seem like an expensive investment, but once you factor in the freedom and experiences it will give you for many years to come, it becomes a small and worthwhile price to pay! See our information about the total cost of ownership, our range of finance plans, the insurance costs and energy options to get an idea of the overall running costs you can expect.

Isn't campervan insurance really expensive?

Not necessarily! Just because a campervan is a bigger vehicle, it doesn’t mean it’s always more expensive to insure. As with any vehicle, there are a lot of factors which will affect your insurance quote. We have a video which goes more in depth on how much you can expect to pay for campervan insurance.

Do you offer campervan insurance plans?

While we don't offer our own insurance plans, we work with our customers to help find them the best deals. See how we can help with finding you the best campervan insurance.

What energy can I use in my campervan?

Most of our campervans come with our SX system - an underslung, refillable LPG tank. There is also an all-electric option if you are looking for an eco-friendly vehicle. Both of these have the option of adding solar panels to the roof to top up your leisure battery. See our video for more information about campervan energy options.

What MPG do you get in a campervan vs a motorhome?

The best place to find real-world figures is from real campervan and motorhome owners. Here are our findings from popular forums and Facebook groups.

Where can I buy LPG for my campervan's refillable LPG tank?

In the UK most LPG stockists have an Autogas LPG pump. They tend to be in the garages on main A-roads and in motorway service stations. The easiest way to find them is to ask Google for 'LPG stockists near me' or our Campervan energy options. If you want more information, we have a full article on it here.

ULEZ - can I still drive my campervan in London?

We have a lot of customers ask us, with Londons Ultra Low Emissions Zone, can I still drive my campervan in London? The short answer is yes, but there are some things you still need to know about. Check out our short ULEZ guide.

How can I protect my campervan from thieves?

There are a number of straight forward steps that you can take to ensure that your campervan stays safe and secure. You can read about our tips for protecting your campervan in this article. We also have additional information here.

Which campervan is right for me?

Choosing the perfect camper

Do you have a stock list?

While Sussex Campervans specilaises in bespoke and built to order premium campervans, we do also offer stock campers. Our stock campers move very fast so please get in touch for an up to date list.

Which is the best van to convert into a campervan?

There are hundreds of different base vans for you to choose from. Our experts have selected the best of these to be used in our workshops at Sussex Campervans. This is done through a complex and indepth process designed to select base vans based upon a number of vital factors. Each of our different van models offers something different and unqiue. We have put together a short video showing you the best base vehicles for campervan conversions.

How do I decide which camper is best for me?

It's a big decision when it comes to selecting your dream campervan, that's why we want to help as much as possible. Check out our campervan buyers guide. Once you feel a bit more clued up, book an appointment with us and one of our campervan team will work with you to find the right van and design for you.

Is a campervan easy to drive?

If you've never driven a campervan before, you may be wondering if you'll have a hard time adjusting to driving a bigger vehicle. A test drive will help you see how easy driving a campervan is. In fact, many people get rid of their cars entirely and just drive their campervan every day.

Should I Buy a Petrol, Diesel or Electric Campervan?

The viability of each engine option depends on who you are, how many people will use the camper at once, and where you live. Our blog post takes a look at a few pros and cons of each...

Should I buy an electric campervan?

Electric vehicles have been developing rapidly over the last few years and the infrastructure is building by the day. For more information on electric vehicles, see our Electric Campervans page.

Which motor caravan - coachbuilt or van conversion?

We have put together a video showing you the pros and cons to coachbuilt and van conversions. The answer to this depends on your preferences!

Rear barn doors or tailgates? What's best for campervans?

Both have different advantages and disadvantages! It depends on how you plan to use your camper and where you plan to take it. We have a really useful video and article all about barn doors and tailgates.

What automatic vehicle options are there?

We converted one of the first automatic Renault Trafic vehicles into a camper and now provide this as an option, meaning that the whole Sussex Campervans range is available with a choice of automatic or manual gearboxes. Take a look at our video that explores the pros and cons of automatic camper vans.

What's the difference between your models?

Each of our campervan models provides something different. See a full breakdown of the different campervan model conversions we offer.

Can you convert my van?

While we don't convert vans you may already own, we can offer you something better. Take a look at the following article that explores Converting Your Van.

Can I buy your Rock 'n' Roll bed for my van conversion?

Due to such high demand for bespoke conversions, we are unable to accommodate partial conversion work and providing parts for van conversions.

How much can I personalise my conversion?

The sky is the limit. At Sussex Campervans we pride ourselves in providing built to order camper van conversions. You can choose from plenty of colours, fabrics and wood finishes to completely customise your campervan.

How do I choose a campervan converter?

When you’re looking for a camper van conversion – whether brand new or what we call a “brand new, second hand camper van” – you will come across a lot of people claiming to be great campervan builders, but many won’t be the experts that they claim to be. In our guide we tell you the main things you should be looking for when choosing a reputable campervan builder.

Campervan Life

Deciding if a campervan is right for you

Why a campervan?

Sussex Campervans are fully equipped with all you need on board, so packing to go away is as easy as going to stay in a hotel. You’re in control! You don’t have to book ahead, because you don’t need to stay on busy campsites - there are plenty of places to park up for the night for free. Check out what our campervan owners have to say about the campervan life and why we think campervans are a great choice.

Is a campervan easy to drive?

If you've only driven cars before, you might feel a bit apprehensive about getting behind the wheel of a van. In the past, people used to say you had to be pretty strong to handle a van, but that's not the case anymore. Not convinced? Read more here or book a test drive to see just how easy it can be.

Can I really sleep well in a campervan?

All of our campervans at Sussex Campervans have been specifically built to provide you with a good nights sleep, that is equal to what you'd get if you were at home in bed. Not convinced? Watch a video with one of our campervan experts to find out how we can make make such a bold claim.

What's a campervan like to live with day to day?

What is life in a campervan really like? It's incredible. But obviously our opinion might be slightly biased. That's why we've put together the following article, so that you can hear first hand what it's like living in a campervan.

Sleeping bags or duvets? Which should I use in my campervan?

This is one of the controversial questions that many campers will wrestle with in their lifetimes. To solve the debate once and for all, we took to social media and asked our large base of customers their opnions. Find out what they had to say.

Are there any good campsites near Sussex Campervans?

There are tons of campsites located near our workshops in West Sussex. All of the sites are different and offer something unique. See our blog post and read up on some of the best campsites near Sussex Campervans.