What’s a Campervan Like to Live With
Day to Day?

How Can Owning a Campervan Improve Your Daily Life? Campervan Expert and Author Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro
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The question today is – campervan life – what’s it like? I’ve just been scrolling through photos – some from our family campervan holidays, and some that Sussex Campervan owners have sent us as well. I think the easiest way to answer your question is with a slide show – so why not make a cup of tea, get comfy, and just click the video below for our quick tour of some of our most inspiring campervan photos – a glimpse into the real world of campervan life, before you take the plunge.

A few years ago Rebekah and I went away in our Manhattan MPV, and we slept on the rock and roll bed, while the two teenage boys slept in the pop-top roof bed and the youngest boys slept on the ottoman and in a bed we made up across the cab seats.

The side-kitchen campervan layout of the Manhattan MPV had plenty of storage for our family, too. It is a bit of a messy photo, but it is certainly real – we hadn’t got round to tidying up yet that day. I think I was just preparing for a barbecue there, because all the plates were stacked up ready to go outside. We love barbecues when we’re on camping holidays – food always tastes great in the fresh air, doesn’t it?

Of course, in addition to all that inside space, if you add one of our inflatable awnings you can triple the amount of living space you have available. In the video you can see the tried-and-tested winner of our awnings test. We always like to test products before offering the best camping gear to our campervan owners. It’s the inflatable driveaway awning that we have on display on our forecourt at Sussex Campervans. In the video you can also see Bill and Elsa’s campervan, with their awning put up next to their Manhattan campervan, strategically placed to face west so they can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Not only does an inflatable driveaway awning give you more living space, but it doubles as an extra sleeping space, too. Before you know it, your campervan becomes your little home-from-home, you can sit in the van, in the awning with friends, just outside to eat your breakfast or a barbecue al-fresco. Another photo shows Bill and Elsa eating and enjoying a nice glass of wine beside their campervan, using the picnic benches often provided by forest campsites. Custom campervan conversions offer holiday flexibility and a sense of freedom – you’re not dancing to anyone else’s tune.

James and Sophie have a big family – their own children, plus foster children as well. They traded in their people carrier for one of our Manhattan MPV campervans. Sophie drives the camper every day – taking the kids to school, to football, to hockey, and all sorts of after-school and weekend activities. This means that the children who are taking part in these activities can enjoy themselves with their friends, while the rest of the family can relax in the campervan and play a game or enjoy drinks and snacks. Little ones can even have a sleep, while the others play. It works out really well for them and it’s been a great lifestyle addition for their family.

Nick and Georgie took their Sussex Campervans Manhattan to Dover Castle for a visit and were so impressed by the fact that their spacious campervan fitted neatly into a single car parking space in the castle grounds, that they took a photo and sent it to us.

They also sent us a photo of them enjoying a relaxed meal in the campervan after they’d been round the castle. It’s ideal to be able to make your own lunch on a day out, especially if you have favourite foods, or a special diet to consider. Let’s face it, making your own lunch from fresh ingredients in the camper fridge is also quicker and cheaper and healthier than queueing up to be served at a tourist attraction in Britain, too.

Finally, we have some photos of our most adventurous campervan owners to date – Steve and Birgit. They swapped their old Bedford campervan for a Sussex Campervans NV200 CamperCar, which they now use all the time, and in all terrains. They’re both in a mountain rescue team near their home in Yorkshire and they love mountaineering all year round. Birgit is also a keen runner, while Steve is happy to support her by photographing her triumphant arrival at the finish line, and providing home comforts in their campervan. You can meet Steve and Birgit and find out more about some of their amazing campervan adventures in our blog section. For instance, he shares his knowledge of winter touring in the mountains in ‘A van for all seasons’.

Why not come and see us, so that we can show you our Sussex Campervans in person? There’s nothing quite like getting inside a campervan and trying it out for size. We’d encourage you to get the feel of the pop-top roof, the seats and the beds, to make sure we build the right campervan for you.

If you’re daunted by choosing from the colourful array of furniture colours and upholstery fabrics available in our built-to-order service, you’ll love the slide show we can show you in our client studio. It’s the place to discuss interior design, however plain or fancy you’d like it to be, over a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

Don’t forget – ring us on 01403 336 369 or email hello@sussexcampervans for a chat or to book a visit. Give us a call – so we can put the kettle on – then come to see us!

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