Manhattan Solo


Are you someone who would like to spend lots of time in a campervan, travelling around, and plan to travel by yourself, or perhaps with a dog? 

Many campers are optimised for couples and families, and are a compromise for a solo traveller. We have released the Manhattan Solo - answering the need for a fixed single bed camper with an elevating roof. This gives even better comfort and convenience, coupled with more storage than our classic side-kitchen layout. It's ideal for those travelling solo, and spending extended periods in their campervan, who want a vehicle centred around single occupancy, with optimal convenience. The Solo is based on our well-established Manhattan campervan, and you can see it in more detail above.

Price: from £59,995



We also offer a smaller Solo vehicle, with a footprint on the road smaller than many cars, in the excellent Nissan NV200. It's called the CamperCar Solo, and you can see it above.

We've been building the CamperCar for several years now, and the Nissan NV200 been a massive hit with our clients. But around half of them are using it 'solo' - and they often ask for extra storage, floor space or a place to keep the toilet out overnight, on top of the full features of our compact camper. So, that got me thinking and developing, and the CamperCar Solo was born. I took a few minutes earlier to show you around our prototype - let me know what you think. The Nissan NV200 itself has won praise for its good looks, excellent performance and fine engineering. You really can drive this NV200 campervan every day - it's shorter than a Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Vectra, and very nimble, light and easy to drive. They come as an electric or petrol automatic.

Price: from £44,995